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DSP3000 enFORCE Digital Servopress

The enFORCE’s integrated load cell and resolver provide highly accurate closed-loop control of the assembly process

Multi Unit & Expansion Unit
Controller Features
  • Load Control / Distance Monitor, Distance Control / Load Monitor, Part Check / Interference Monitoring, Band Check Monitoring
  • Fully Digital System reduces power consumption
  • Reduced Set-up time - The addition of the Main control functions (for multiple presses) into each controller eliminates the need for a "Main Unit" controller. Controllers can be set as a "Master" or "Slave" - Easily configured using "no cost" DSP3000 User Console Software.
  • Simplified wiring - In a multiple Press configuration, the Master Unit assumes control of the control signals - no need to wire I/O to each spindle.
  • Automatic press tool load cell identification system to confirm correct press / operation
  • External Control interfaces (Fieldbus) - By using the Fieldbus expansion unit, a variety of Fieldbus I/O interfaces are available to interface to the controlling PLC. (Devicenet, Ethernet I/P, Profibus, CCLink, Profinet, EtherCat and more)
  • On-board press cycle data and load / distance curve storage
  • Press data storage to Compact Flash (Optional)
  • High speed communication with connected spindles and Host PC - more than 250 times faster than previous series
  • Separated 3 phase motor power (200-230VAC) and 24Vdc control power provided for connection to safety circuits
  • Reduced size - Controllers have a smaller footprint than previous series
  • Updated Display Unit with 2 rows of 6 digits and updated function / cursor key

Multi & Expansion Unit

Single Unit


Max 32 Spindles

Expansion Unit

Fieldbus Connector
Inserted Slot
Record Data
Extansion Memory

Multi Unit

Master Spindle

Fieldbus communication
and data recording

Max 32 Spindles

Control Unit

Model Max Current Main Power Control Power Width Height Depth Weight Transformer Capacity
MFC-S024 24A AC 220V / 230V DC 24V 56 mm 265 mm 192 mm 1.6 kg 0.3 KVA * Spindles
MFC-S060 60A AC 220V / 230V DC 24V 56 mm 265 mm 192 mm 2.0 kg 0.8 KVA * Spindles
MFC-S120 120A AC 220V / 230V DC 24V 119 mm 265 mm 192 mm 4.9 kg 4.0 KVA * Spindles

Cable / Connector

Cable / Connector Standard Length [m] Model Remark
Drive Power Cable (8A/24A/60A) 2 C15-D1-M2 including Standard Unit
Drive Power Cable (120A) 2 C15-D2-M2 including Standard Unit
Control Power Connector - MC1.5/3-STF-3.81 DC24V Power Connector
Control Power Cable 2 C30-DC1-M2 DC24V Power Cable
Axis Communication Connector - C30-AL2

Expansion Unit

Model Mounting Connector Classification
MFC-DT Expansion D-I/O (Input 32ch / Iotput 32ch) Expansion Unit 1
MFC-FB Fieldbus Expansion Unit 1
MFC-CC CC-Link V.2 Expansion Unit 1
MFC-DN DeviceNet Expansion Unit 1
MFC-PB PROFIBUS DP-V1 Expansion Unit 1
MFC-EN EtherNet / IP Expansion Unit 1
MFC-PN PROFINET IO Expansion Unit 1
MFC-EC EtherCAT Expansion Unit 1
MFC-CI CC-Link IE Field Expansion Unit 1
MFC-CF Compatible to Compact Flash card Expansion RS232C (2ports) Expansion Unit 2
MFC-CFEN Compatible to Compact Flash card Expansion RS232C (1port), Ethernet (1 port) Expansion Unit 2
System Configuration

Multi System

Single System

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