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DSP3000 enFORCE Digital Servopress

The enFORCE’s integrated load cell and resolver provide highly accurate closed-loop control of the assembly process

DPS Slim Line

Standard Type(F-Type)
High Power Type(P-Type)
The Slim Line Series is designed for close center-to-center pressing applications where presses must be mounted next to each other or a smaller footprint is required.

DPT Servo Press

Standard Type(F-Type)
High Power Type(P-Type)
Fitting presses are required for applications with a holding time of 1 second or less.

DPM Mini Press

The Mini Series is designed for low force applications where complete press process control and data collection is required.

Multi Unit & Control Unit

As a result of circuit miniaturization reducing the overall size, the back panel mounted controllers save valuable plant floor space and safely allow all electrical connections to be contained within the electrical enclosure.

Full-digital servo press using technology developed from our servo nutrunners.

By integrating a load cell into every model, high-precision control of the press-fit is available (using a closed-loop method). As many as 32 pressing profile parameters can be set, enabling flexible processing according to a variety of workpieces. The software for setting the pressing parameters is highly accessible assuring easy operation via its setting screens. Various data, such as load data, intervals, and press-in curves are easily controlled. The compact body, equivalent to a 3.5 MPa hydraulic cylinder, allows space-saving in the design of your setup.


Capable of high-precision press operations
Capable of high-precision press operations and incorporating the latest RISC-CPU in its control unit, fully digital operation allows faster (1 msec or less) load value sampling, so realizing a ±0.01mm repeated position accuracy.
Furthermore, integration with an intelligent electronic identification system mounted in the load cell preamplifier unit enables higher-quality, higher-precision pressing operations.
Accommodating and more ecologically sound
Various settings such as loading or distance, result data, and analysis data are Windows® oriented, assisting operators with comfortable, effective handling. The drive source is directly electric, not hydraulic or pneumatic, an energy-saving feature that can contribute to the future sustainable environment of the Earth.
Productivity and versatility
By using digital servo motors, free control of the press speed is possible, improving the productivity of your factories. As many as 32 types of press data can be stored in a battery-free backup system, which is connectable to a multi-purpose system.
Ultra-slim size(Slim Line)
Compact body enables space-saving designing.
An installation space as compact as any available for hydraulic cylinders.
Contributes to a compact line layout.

System Configuration

Control Panel Mounted Type

Functionally divided, the expansion unit can be freely combined to suit your needs.

Fastening control, communication between controllers, master PC communication, and all the PLCs can communicate with the all-in-one controller.

The control power and the servo power are separated from each other, and there is a built-in hard-wired E-STOP circuit safety system.
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