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HFC3000II Fusion Electric Handheld Nutrunner

The innovation of the fastening process is here. This is a nutrunner system built for the future of the assembly process.

Pistol Grip Tool
Grip swingable mechanism
Top Cable connection Model
Product features

The Pistol tool is available in 15Nm frame size. A start trigger & reverse switch are provided standard. An optional hanging bracket is available

Improved preductivity with high performance
  • Improved fastening ability with high speed digital control and data processing
  • High durability resolver for motor position control and angular feedback
  • 64 selectable parameter sets
  • Built-in sequencing / batch function
  • Embedded pulse control to reduce fastening reaction
Reduced initial & Running costs
  • Digital servo reduces energy consumption
  • One controller covers the full range of hand tools
  • Runs on single phase 100VAC - 200VAC power
  • 'No Cost' software allows simple and quick setup, data monitoring / saving, torque / angle curve analysis and stored data retrieval
Reliable quality management
  • In-process inspection of the fastening cycle by monitoring torque, angle, torque rate and time
  • Visual (LED) and audio confirmation of fastening
  • Store up to 12,000 cycles of fastening data, 100 torque curves and up to 500 abnormal cycles automatically
  • All tools have embedded 'Smart ID' torque transducer and resolver for high accuracy torque / angle feedback - we don't rely on motor current as a means of torque feedback
  • "Self-Check" function - Checks torque transducer is functioning properly at the start of each cycle maintaining system integrity
Flexible communication and result output
  • Data output through RS232, Devicenet, Ethernet I/P, Profibus, etc., and special protocols over optional Ethernet port
  • Graphical User Console (Windows® based software) connection by dedicated ethernet port able to monitor and store resultant fastening data to local / network drives.
  • Confirm tightening result with Tool / Controller LEDs and digital display
  • Monitor / save and analyze cycle data using supplied User Console software

Tool Specifications

Tool Model Max Torque
Max Speed
HFT-015M50-P1 (CE) 15 1190 1.1 9.5 218 HFC-B024
HFT-030M80-P1D 30 980 1.45 9.5 260 HFC-B024
HFT-035M80-P1 (CE) 35 778 1.37 9.5 242 HFC-B024
(Top Cable Connection)
60 778 1.37 12.7 242 HFC-B024
(Grip swingable mechanism)
60 461 1.5 9.5 275 HFC-B024
HFT-200M120-P1 (CE) 200 216 3.3 19.0 317 HFC-B024
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